Looking to host a unique creative experience?  Want to create phenomenal art?

Then don't hesitate to get in touch and let our experienced global network of artists and workshop facilitators develop a customized project for you, no matter how large or small, or where you are in the world!

ICDP works with a wide variety of arts organisations, councils, universities, schools, social housing trusts, community centres, independent producers and directly with communities to develop its projects.

We continually seek to work with new partners, delivering both one-off workshops and sustained projects that often culminate in commissioned artworks, such as murals, large canvases, sculptures, prints or digitally presented works, like projections.

Our regenerative work with city councils is well established and has led to the development of ambitious, multi-artist festivals, drawing in hundreds of participants who may otherwise rarely engage with the arts. Recent projects for Islington and Southwark Councils in London have seen the creation of over 10 permanent artworks, which have been installed within their respective communities, as well as been toured in international exhibitions. 


ICDP has many years’ experience running fun creative workshops for schools. Alaways collaborative, our workshops teach pupils valuable lessons in co-operation and shared discovery. No matter how young, we believe every pupil is a true artist and our seasoned workshop leaders work closely with students to express their own unique voices within a shared creative experience.



We regularly work with charities, such as The Guinness Partnership, to provide exciting opportunities for communities, especially social housing residents and initiatives, to create their own quality art.



We work alongside city councils to develop creative projects that encourage residents to engage with the arts, in turn empowering communities. Having developed large-scale projects for Islington and Southwark Councils in London, and many city councils throughout the UK, ICDP is experienced in every step of project management, from initial development to production and evaluation. Our approach is flexible and we work especially hard to tailor our projects to suit individual needs. Work with us to develop your council’s next creative project!  

Arts Organisations

ICDP often partners with arts organisations, galleries or museums to develop its projects. Sometimes the arts organisation is our producer and other times we develop and produce projects on behalf of the organisation. So whether your organisation is seeking new creative ideas to produce, or you are in need of a project produced entirely for you, we look forward to hearing from you!

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