Connecting Through Drawing

The International Collaborative Drawing Project (ICDP) is a global participatory initiative which uses drawing as a starting point for cooperative creation. Founded by artist Ivan Liotchev in London in 2010, the project works with diverse cultural organisations and communities to develop drawing events, exhibitions, public art, and multi-media spectacles to explore drawing within a wide context. Diverse workshops encourage groups of people to work together to create large drawings, sculptures, digital and new-media artworks.

ICDP seeks to create ambitious opportunities for people and communities to actively shape their public sphere as creators, rather than passively as consumers. Participatory engagement leads to finished large-scale artworks, from canvases and murals, to prints and digital projections. Over the past 6 years,  we have worked hard to apply this participatory model through work with diverse partners across the UK and abroad, on projects of varying complexities and settings, from multi-stakeholder festivals for city councils to one-day workshops in schools. The results have included public artworks for Southwark Council (2014), Light Up Lancaster (2013), and The Guinness Partnership (2015).  

Rhys Logan

Regeneration and Inspiration

The regenerative and uplifting potential of our projects have been well documented, from Hopi Native Americans developing the impetus to set up their own art gallery thus reclaiming control from the exploitative Native art market, to Doncaster and Wrexham residents taking a greater stand in arts participation and programming. The artworks produced through these projects are usually permanently installed within the communities that created them, instilling a sense of pride and ownership for their creators. These same works are also actively toured in international exhibitions, setting up global dialogue and exchange opportunities between distant communities.  

Due to the large number of participants each project engages, and the dynamic exchange of ideas and visions it inspires, the artworks created are always vibrant and eye-catching. They attract people to stop, look and wonder how they were created, and certainly breathe new life, value and interest in communities.

Recent Projects

  • COLLABORATE!, Glyndwr University/Focus Wales, supported by Arts Council Wales (2015)
  • The Kingswood Draw produced by Emergency Exit Arts for Southwark Council, London (2014)
  • Right Up Our Street, DARTS, Doncaster (2014)
  • Light Up Lancaster, (2013)
  • A Million Minutes, produced by AIR @ Central Saint Martins for Islington Council, London (2012)

Ongoing work with The Guinness Partnership facilitates opportunities for social housing residents to create their own public art. The project’s extended vision is to continue broadening its network of world-wide partners in order to establish a comprehensive platform where people of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities can express their unique voices on a united international stage.